The eastern or common mole is roughly 6 inches long, with short grey hair and large hairless front feet. The large front feet are used for digging tunneling systems. They live their entire life underground. They are insectivorous, primarily feeding on worms, grubs, and larvae. 


Moles prefer a loose soil that is free of gravel or dense clay. This allows them to burrow more easily. Depending on the species, some prefer dry soils while others such as the star nosed mole prefer moist soil and actually spend part of their life in water. 


Moles are active at all hours but have peak activity in the twilight hours. They can burrow approximately 100 feet per night and have the ability to eat up to 100% of their body weight in a day. Moles only reproduce once a year with a litter of 2-5 young. 


Moles cause damage to lawns when they burrow through the soil. This burrowing can result in molehills in yards and other landscaped areas. Their search for food can kill grasses, shrubs, and expensive landscaping plants. Additionally, mole tunnels can make the ground uneven and in some cases unsightly.

Terminix control and removal:

The process of removing moles from a lawn can be tedious. We strive to reduce the population through trapping. The most important part of removing moles is our technician taking the time to “learn the property.”

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